One on One Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

For all ages and fitness levels

Have you ever heard the adage, work smarter not necessarily harder? When it comes to physical training, most athletes and exercise enthusiasts believe that more is better. While most athletes were instructed in proper techniques for optimal physical training, few are taught mental skills training to achieve the competitive mindset and our brain directs our body during physical training! Both athletes and fitness enthusiasts of any level require the integration of their mind with their body and spirit to perform as one unit in order to perform at extreme levels.

I recognize that each person is unique and as such, there is no universal regimen. With personal fitness training, a program is collaboratively designed and tailored towards individual abilities and needs to enable the client to realize their maximum potential. Through a disciplined approach, techniques are taught that are specific for a chosen sport or exercise routine. Clients are held accountable and progress is reviewed weekly to ensure you are moving closer to realizing your maximum potential and gain the competitive edge. When you achieve your optimum potential, we are both successful!

Sessions are 30 minutes in duration on a weekly basis. We will meet over the medium of your choice Skype, Zoom, or video chat on your mobile device.

$97 monthly

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